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The Health Care Forum explores the constructs of health care in the United States. HCF was founded in order to integrate components of many disciplines ranging from economics and politics to sociology and pharmaceutical businesses. Every student at UCSB is a part of health care in one form or another. Here we dissect and understand the various ways in which diverse disciplines can change the future outlook of patient care, health care delivery and cost to consumer along with other consequences. 

We gather to listen to a short and interesting lecture presented by fellow UCSB students followed by group activities and discussions. Whether you want to absorb more knowledge about the health care system or become an advocate in this field, this is the discussion to be a part of!


Topics of This Year's Forums:

  • CPR/EMT Certification

  • Virtual Reality Therapy

  • Healthcare Plans of Presidential Candidates

The Health Care Forum was founded in September 2014 by Amir Soltani & Anand Patil

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