Annual Networking Luncheon


The Annual Networking Luncheon is HPA's annual academic event held during winter quarter, consisting of various panels, workshops, and presentations. Whether you are looking to pursue higher education in medical school, graduate school, or even if you are still undecided, this event elucidates the intimidating path to professional school. UCSB pre-health counselors, graduate students, and senior undergraduate students are here to mentor you. 


The objective of this event is to ultimately make you a more competitive applicant. You will gain insight about application processes, learn about internship and job opportunities, and discover how to interview more confidently. 

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Example Schedules of Previous Luncheons:

2016 Schedule: January 23rd, 2016 | 11 AM - 4 PM:

11 AM-12 PM: Presentation about affording professional school (led by HPA VP of Academics, Jacob Andrew)

12-1 PM: Panel of guest speakers (Peter Hasler (MD, MPH); Kathy Foltz (Ph.D); Chris Taglia (MD, resident at Cottage; Alex Spencer (MD, MBA, resident at Cottage); Dr. Woods (Ph.D, Psychology professor on campus)

1-2 PM: Free Lunch Buffet (Silvergreens)

1:40-4 PM: MMI Workshop (led by HPA Academics Director, Jacob Andrew)

2015 Schedule: January 17th, 2015 | 10 AM - 3 PM:

10-11 AM: The Path to Medical School (led by Kaplan Test Prep)

11 AM-12 PM: Success in the Sciences (led by the Graduate Biology Mentorship Association, or BIOME)

12-1 PM: How to Read a Research Paper (led by BIOME)

1-2 PM: Resume Building (led by Monica Ballon-Kalinowski, UCSB career counselor)

2-3 PM: Pre-Med Success at UCSB (led by one of our HPA Co-Presidents)

Ongoing (1.5 hour time slots): MMI Workshop (led by the HPA Academic Chair)

Pictured above is our Conference Committee, who is responsible for planning and organizing this event every year!

Pictured above is our Conference Committee with our amazing guests. For the Winter 2020 Networking Luncheon, we were able to hear from a great variety of professionals! 


- Dr. Steve Zelko, M.D. (Opthamologist) 

- Dr. Kristen Hughes, M.D. (Pediatrician)

- Dr. Ishu Rao, M.D. (Cardiologist)

- Dr. Donald Hannoun, M.D. (Urologist)

- Dr. Mike Wilton, PhD. (Biology Professor)

- Dr. Marc Reisman, M.S. (Physical Therapist)

- Dr. Ali Javanbakht, M.D. (Executive Director of Student Health Service) 

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