Get to know from some of our volunteers why they love Partners in Wellness!

“Starting Partners in Wellness with Amir was a long and grueling process, but finally having it become a successful program within Cottage Hospital makes all of the hard work worth it. I love being able to brighten up a patient’s day and learn about their medical story, as well as hear about their personal life. I’ve always loved working with people and Partners in Wellness definitely gives volunteers the opportunity to experience a clinical setting in a whole new light by allowing them to interact with patients, nurses, and physicians on a more personal level. I am so thankful for all the hard work that our volunteers put into the program and I truly believe that we will continue to thrive and grow because of their passion for this unique experience.” 


Lauren Downey


Bryan Cozart

“I first heard of Partners in Wellness through HPA and I was intrigued by its fresh, new approach to volunteering in a hospital environment. Throughout high school, I volunteered and interned at a local hospital, so I was familiar and comfortable in a hospital setting yet I did not obtain the kind of experience particularly with patients that I am currently obtaining with Partners in Wellness. Partners in Wellness provides insight and familiarization with patient care techniques as well as collaborating with medical professionals. I highly recommend this program for those interested in pursuing in the medical field. It is an insightful program that provides indispensable knowledge.”

"PW has given me the opportunity to interact with patients and hospital staff more than I would ever have expected and has given me a realistic understanding of the real-world environment of a hospital." 

Stephanie Hurtado

Dayna Isaacs


“I look forward to coming to Cottage every week, but I especially looked forward to checking in on a particular patient. He talked to me about a non-profit organization he started and about his intelligent daughters who someday wanted to attend UCSB. He has such a positive outlook on life; he believes that it is important to reflect on your accomplishments and think of your loved ones in times of hardship. Now that he is healthy and out of the hospital, I am sad that I am no longer able to see him, but I am thankful for the wisdom that I have gained.” 

"Partners in Wellness gives me a meaningful and heart-warming escape from the fast-moving and overworking world!"

Eric Nguyen

“Being a first generation student, I want to be a good role model for my siblings and joining PW has helped me do just that. I joined PW hoping to help patients to a speedy recovery, but never expected to receive some of the best advice I have ever received in return. The only thing I regret is not joining earlier. “ 

Ramiro J.R. Medina


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