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The American healthcare system can be a very complex and daunting system to navigate. The Affordable Care Act, a 900-page document that presents potential solutions to difficulties troubling the American healthcare system, has added on even more rules, regulations, and complexities to the current system. Although the healthcare system may be confusing and difficult to engage in, given the new health insurance mandate, it is imperative that people understand what the Affordable Care Act entails and how they can utilize its benefits.


We believe that a major barrier to quality healthcare is a lack of knowledge. Therefore, our goal is to educate the community about the recent reforms, ensure that they are aware of the resources available to them, help connect the uninsured population with local healthcare resources, and ultimately help them acquire their own health insurance.








1.  Educate the community about the recent reforms in healthcare by outreaching through lectures, presentations, and                  personal interactions at local events, homeless shelters, schools, and door to door.


2.  We've partnered with the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) to help ensure that the community is aware of the           resources available to them. We want to help connect the underserved population with local healthcare resources, such             as SBNC, that provide free or low cost healthcare to the uninsured. We will help set up appointments and facilitate                     transportation, if necessary.


3.  We want to help the underserved population acquire their own health insurance, such as Medi-Cal or Covered California.




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Amir Soltani

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