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1st General Meeting of Spring Quarter -- 4/6/16

This week’s meeting highlighted the various programs and events unique to HPA including Health Care Forum, the Pre-Health Mentorship Program, the Path to Professional School, and the Annual Health Professions Conference. The Health Care Forum enlightened HPA members on the disease of the week: Heterochromia iridum, a disease where one iris is of a different color than the other! It’s caused by an excess or lack of melanin, but not to worry—it's harmless!


Teleconference Meeting -- 3/1/16

The UC Davis School of Medicine created a live board of students and faculty to communicate with HPA members and answer our questions on medical school, undergraduate education, future careers and more. Each member discussed their personal story on how they became interested and involved in medicine; most of their backgrounds varied drastically from the "standard medical student" idea. The most surprising points from this Q&A were the unique experiences each student faced on their own individual pathway. Between gap years, major changes, and prior careers, every person brought had an original perspective on the route to medical school. 


8th General Meeting -- 2/24/16

Dr. Robert T. Hughes MD. described his experience in the field of sports medicine and provided us a peak into his daily life, speaking on what it's like to pursue a sports medicine career pathway. He highlighted some of the most exciting cases in his experiences, even demonstrating to us how to properly fix a dislocated shoulder. Dr. Hughes left HPA with an important piece of advice- to fully appreciate our time as students before commiting to a life in medicine. 


7th General Meeting -- 2/17/16

HPA's guest speaker, Emma Cristofani, gave a presentation on study skills, lecture notes, and maximizing academic potential from her experience as a CLAS academic counselor. With an approaching second round of midterms, HPA members were well-informed on how to tackle material and have success on upcoming tests. "Avoid the autopilot, stay attentive", said Cristofani on remaining engaged during long lectures. Her most outstanding tips on maintaining high levels of academic achievement included making class-time the most productive. Staying alert and focused in class would ultimately lead to efficient mastery of material.  





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