Educational Outreach Program


The Educational Outreach Program offers students the opportunity to become a volunteer tutor at Isla Vista Elementary School. Each tutor is matched with a 6th grade student to help them reach their full potential! The commitment is twice a week, 3-4pm, during the academic year. Tutors are able to share their passion for learning and higher education with their student, helping inspire future generations while building a bond with the 6th grader! Tutors, students, and teachers at IV Elementary school have found this program to be incredibly rewarding, positively impacting the 6th graders, the school, and the local community. 

Applications will be posted on the website during recruitment cycles. Typically, the EOP program seeks tutors during fall quarter. As of January 2016, the Educational Outreach Program has incorporated science educational outreach initiatives into the program. Check out our Science Outreach Program page for more information (under "HPA Programs" tab)!

The HPA Educational Outreach Program was founded in Fall 2014 by 2014-2016 two-term HPA President Amir Soltani


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