Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join HPA?

Fill out a membership application online by clicking the "Apply Here" button on the homepage. Currently, membership dues are $30.00 and are only payable through cash or check in person at one of our meetings. We also accept Venmo (@ucsbhpa).


Where and when are the meetings?

Our general meetings for take place on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm every quarter excluding summer quarter. Lecture hall meeting locations tend to vary from quarter to quarter, so check the HPA Facebook page or the calendar which you may find on this website for the most up to date information on quarterly meeting locations. The HPA calendar will be updated throughout each quarter as final meeting presentations and guest speakers get booked. Please refer to our calendars to determine which dates meetings will not be held.


Can I check out HPA before paying the membership fee?

Of course! You are allowed to attend one meeting free of charge. Make sure you mention this is your first time and just want to observe while checking in.


Where do my membership dues go?

HPA offers numerous programs throughout the week. From our general meetings to Health Care Forum on the weekends and study groups during midterms and finals week. Membership dues go towards paying for media equipment rentals, lecture hall and room rentals, and food at select events. A significant portion of dues also goes towards funding HPA's Path to Professional School event during Winter Quarter and HPA's Annual Conference during Spring quarter to which members have free admission.


How do I stay connected with HPA?


           Like "UCSB Health Professions Association".


        : Follow @hpa_ucsb!


Join our mailing list as well (you are automatically added when you fill out a membership form).

How do I join an HPA Program?

Program recruitment typically happens at the start of certain quarters. Most of our programs recruit at the start of fall quarter and then normally during the start of one other quarter, either Winter or Spring. If you happen to miss a recruitment cycle, you must wait for the next recruitment cycle to roll around.


I looked at a program info page and became very interested in joining, but I'd still like some more information about the HPA program I am looking into; what should I do?

Firstly you can send us an email about the program you are interested in requesting more information, or message our Facebook page. Most HPA Programs have their own email address which is listed on the program page (the HPA Program pages can be found under the HPA Programs tab). The best way to learn more about a program is to talk with the President or Director of the HPA program you are interested in, before/after an HPA general meeting. If you don't know if the President/Director of the program you are interested in is at the HPA general meeting you are attending, simply ask the HPA Board member(s) doing check-in at the meeting.


How difficult is it to commit to being an HPA member?

The beauty of being an HPA member is that there are no strict membership requirements, so you can pick and choose which HPA meetings and events you want to attend; although we truthfully state that all HPA meetings and events are great or else we wouldn't host them. The only exception to the "come at your own leisure" attendance policy is if you are accepted to one of our programs; then we expect you to attend at least 3 HPA meetings or events per quarter. 

Is HPA worth my time? 

We can assure you that attending HPA events and meetings is well worth your time. We strive to provide our members with a well-rounded pre-health experience that allows them to participate in extracurricular, community service, academic, and healthcare enrichment activities while giving them the knowledge they need to successfully advance into a career in the healthcare field. Furthermore, there is no other pre-health student organization at UCSB as active and successful as HPA is in providing its members with quality opportunities (clinical and non-clinical volunteer opportunities), informational outlets (about successfully advancing into a healthcare career and about healthcare itself), and a great undergraduate pre-health experience. And for the record HPA was recognized as the UCSB Student Organization of the Year for the 2013-2014 academic year by the UCSB Office of Student Life.

How do I become a leader within the organization?

Apply for the HPA Fellowship program! We accept 1st and 2nd year (and occasionally 3rd year) qualified applicants for the HPA Fellowship once every academic year. HPA Fellows spend 3-5 months working on important HPA projects and assignments under the guidance of one of our board members. Exceptional HPA Fellows who successfully complete their projects and assignments during the fellowship, are invited to join the HPA Board as official Board members in March. The difference between the HPA Fellowship versus the fellowship/internship component of the board member recruitment process of other UCSB student organizations, is that our top leaders in HPA truly value our HPA Fellows. Past Fellows have brought a tremendous amount of insight, creativity, and positive energy to our organization. There have been HPA Fellows whose fellowship projects and assignments have turned into HPA programs or sub-programs that they eventually became Directors of as Board members (this is actually how HPA's Academic Department was created). Thus there is no ceiling to the potential of what you can accomplish as an HPA Fellow.

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