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Andrew Hong

Courtney Kenyon

Eugenie Zhu

Jamie Lenihan

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Jeff Makings

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Shobha Ambi

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Kathy Lopez

Kristen Mizutani

Kylie Kofler

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Meradith Valencia

Muaz Amir

Natalie Bastawros

Nina Kar

Rawan Sultan

Philip Stahl

Vall Vinaithirthan

Sean Scheiner

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Rushali Kothari

Shift Leaders

Jake Bassin

James Douglass

Kimberly Lipton

Rory Ritts

Leeann Qubain

Soham Mhatre

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Partners in Wellness: Current Volunteers 

Our volunteers shift in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in 6 different departments: Neurology, Telemetry, Surgical Care, Infectious Disease, Orthopedics, and Oncology. Volunteers work closely with hospital staff as valued members of the patient care team, going from room to room interacting with patients. In Partners in Wellness, we emphasize patient care and communication, seeking to bring more happiness and comfort to patients as they stay in the hospital. 

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We frequently update our website with new information on programs and events! Check back for new information on a regular basis. 

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